Where to buy Electronic Cigarettes from Canada

Premium Vanguard e-cigarettes are a click or phone call away. Starter kits and individual accessories are readily available through the convenience of online shopping and quick shipping anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Vanguard offers the Best

With all the news and excitement about vaping and all sorts of e-cigarettes, it is important to know that Vanguard offers the absolute best. These premium products and flavours are 100% compliant with Canadian Health and Safety laws and contain no nicotine!

Six exceptional flavours and occasional special ones appeal to the even the most refined tastes! Vanguard prides itself on creating the most realistic luxurious flavours on the market. Created from only the highest quality food grade ingredients, and crafted to create the most tantalizing flavours, Vanguard E-cigs bring a revolution to conventional smoking! Flavour cartridges can be purchased in single pack or as 5-packs for significant savings. Variety packs provide an assortment of premium flavours to perfectly fit the mood at any time. The rich flavour options include:

  • CafĂ© Americano
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Tobacco Menthol
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Tobacco Dark
  • Cool Mint

Anywhere and anytime

In addition to the contents of the Starter Kit, Vanguard offers all of the elements as individual accessories. This makes it convenient to always be fully charged and ready to go at home, at work or in the car. The starter Kit also includes a matte classy hard pack to take your Vanguard e-cigs with you anywhere!

A charger combo consists of a wall charger, a car USB adapter and USB charger allows the users to charge their batteries conveniently anywhere and keep extra batteries ready! Vanguard also offers the ability to add a second gold threaded atomizer to transform the other battery to a fully working electronic cigarette. All pieces needed to charge and use the Vanguard electronic cigarette fit into the pocket-sized Vanguard E-Cig hard Pack. The Vanguard Pack keeps everything protected together and allows you to be mobile.

Vanguard promises the best

Unlike other cheap replicas and no name brands, Vanguard is not only committed to delivering the most realistic premium e-cigarettes to the market but strives towards excellence. All Vanguard E-cigarettes are manufactured in ISO certified plants and use only the highest quality components and undergo strict quality control. Two exclusive high capacity Li-Ion battery and 5 cartridges are included in every starter Pack. Each Vanguard Cartridge is equivalent to 10-12 traditional cigarettes.

Vanguard Stands behind their Product

Vanguard is confident that you will love the product. In the rare event that a customer is unhappy with the product for any reason, a refund will gladly be offered within 30 days with accompanied RMA.

Enjoy Canada's best e cigarette

For refreshing and luxurious flavours and a simple to use e-cig, Vanguard's premium electronic cigarettes are the obvious choice. Contact Vanguard today by phone TOLL FREE at 1-(855) 273-0949.