Vanguard E-Cigarette Frequent Questions

What is a Vanguard electronic cigarette?

A Vanguard electronic cigarette is a device that looks feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette. This electronic cigarette has a rechargeable battery, disposable flavour filled cartridge and an atomizer (vaporizing unit) when the flavoured liquid is heated, it produces a flavourful vapour that is harmless and dissipates in seconds unlike regular cigarettes.

Do Vanguard electronic cigarettes contain nicotine?

Vanguard is 100% compliant with Canada's Health and Safety laws. The products and flavours contain no tobacco or nicotine.

What makes Vanguard better than other electronic cigarettes brands?

Vanguard electronic cigarettes are the best on the market. The luxury electronic cigarettes produce the strongest vapour and have the best and most realistic flavours. Vanguard's Premium flavours are exclusively made in top facilities in Europe unlike the competition where their flavours are made cheaply in Asia.

Vanguard electronic cigarettes come with an elegant case so batteries and cartridges can be easily stored and portable. The starter kit comes with 3 ways to charge your new electronic cigarette (USB, car charger, wall charger) for increased convenience.

Vanguard also maintains the strictest quality and manufacturing controls and is manufactured in ISO certified plants to ensure the highest quality products.

Enjoy an evening puffing away the luxurious mouth-watering flavours of Vanguard.

Does Vanguard ship internationally?

Vanguard electronic cigarettes are only available to customers located in Canada and United States at this time.

How realistic are the Vanguard Electronic Cigarettes?

Vanguard electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste like traditional cigarettes. When inhaled, the red LED tip glows relative to how hard it is inhaled and gradually turns off when the inhalation stops, just like a traditional cigarette. On the exhale, a thick cloud of vapour is released which dissipates in seconds unlike regular cigarette smoke.

How do I turn on the Vanguard Electronic Cigarette?

The Vanguard electronic cigarette is always in standby mode. All you need to do is start smoking normally. The intelligent sensor picks the difference in air movement and turns on the atomizer to start vaporizing the liquid in the flavour cartridge.

Vanguard recommends that you unscrew the atomizer from the main battery body to maximize the battery life. When the atomizer is screwed on, the Vanguard electronic cigarette is in standby mode and draws continuous small battery power.

What cartridge flavours are available?

Vanguard has created mouth-watering flavours from the highest quality ingredients. The flavours are very rich and satisfying.

The current flavours include:

  • Tobacco Dark
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Tobacco Menthols
  • CafĂ© Americano
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Cool mint

And for a limited time: Cinnamon Apple Pie.

How long do the batteries last?

Each Vanguard Lithium Ion battery lasts between 200 and 300 puffs. That is equivalent to 10-15 cigarettes.

How long does each flavour cartridge last?

Vanguards flavour cartridges are long lasting. Each Cartridge is equivalent to 10-12 cigarettes.

How do I use a Vanguard electronic cigarette?

  • Ensure your high capacity lithium-ion battery is fully charged.
  • Gently screw on the atomizer to the battery
  • Use a fresh cartridge and remove the seal and press it on top of the atomizer
  • Take a few short breaths (to prime the atomizer) through the cartridge followed by a long deep inhalation
    and enjoy the premium flavours.

What if I run out of battery?

he Vanguard starter kit comes with 3 different kinds of chargers:

  • A USB charger: to connect to your PC or MAC USB port or a USB capable outlet.
  • Gently screw on the atomizer to the battery
  • A wall charger: To connect to a standard North American AC outlet.
  • A car charger: to connect to your cigarette car receptacle port.

How do I know the battery charging is complete?

The LED on the USB charger will turn to green from red to signify that the battery is fully charged.

How long does it take to charge a Vanguard Li-Ion battery?

The charging time is dependent on how empty the battery was upon charging. An empty battery takes 1.5 -2 hours to fully charge.

What is the best way to carry the Vanguard electronic cigarettes?

The Vanguard starter kit comes with and elegant matte finished hard carrying case that can easily fit in your pocket. The case can hold multiple cartridges, batteries and a USB charger for increased convenience.

Vanguard recommends that you unscrew the atomizer from the battery after use to maximize the battery life.